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How I Built the Dateflix App?

Creating Dateflix was something that I always wanted to do. I remember sitting in my uni room with a bowl of Indomie (instant noodles) and my laptop planning – jotting down notes, creating wireframes, writing code to produce some sort…
Jeremy Olu
10th September 2020

J.P Morgan – Code Summit 2019

Some time ago, I took part in the J.P Morgan Code Commit – Advancing Black Leaders networking event. As a Computing Science undergraduate, this seemed like it had the potential to be an important event and a great opportunity for…
Michael Duke
11th November 2019

How to Get Started in Cybersecurity?

My name is Stephen Chapendama and I am currently an Assistant Systems Consultant for the University of Hertfordshire and also a Technology Consultant for Foundervine. I studied Computer Science (Networks) at the  University of Hertfordshire and now currently focus on…
Stephen Chapendama
13th May 2019