Our Aims:

1. To create a network of underrepresented groups in the industry

2. encourage more students to apply for internships, placements and shadowing opportunities.

3. Introduce emerging technologies and provide career opportunities in the industry

4. Provide those looking to study Computer Science with information about the tools, resources, and career opportunities that are available to them

Who do
we represent?

Xuntos is committed to increasing diversity and employment across all
underrepresented groups in the computer science industry.
This includes, but is not limited to:

  • state educated computer scientists
  • computer scientists from post-92/ non-Russell Group universities
  • black and minority ethnic computer scientists
  • female computer scientists
  • first generation undergraduate computer scientists
  • lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender (LGBT) computer scientists
  • computer scientists with a disability
  • computer scientists entering the technology industry from “non-traditional” routes
  • computer scientists of all ages



Networking Opportunities

enabling students, graduates and professionals to meet with one another and build relationships.

Mentoring Schemes

provides the opportunity for students to be mentored by a professional who will guide them towards a viable career path.

Seminars / Talks

established professionals invited as guest speakers to educate on emerging technologies.

Work Experience

provide opportunities such as summer internships, year placements and shadowing opportunities with well-established businesses and organisations

Job Matching/ Application Assistance

helping students find and apply to jobs in the industry.

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