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Xuntos – adj. pronounced zunh-toss

A Galician word which means


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How to Get Started in Cybersecurity?

My name is Stephen Chapendama and I am currently an Assistant Systems Consultant for the University of Hertfordshire and also a Technology Consultant for Foundervine. I studied Computer Science (Networks) at the  University of Hertfordshire and now currently focus on…

How To Get into Coding Without A Computer Science Degree

So you’re in, or you’ve just finished, your university course. But whilst studying you decide that it’s not something which you see a real future in and instead you want to get into tech, more specifically into coding. You type…

What is Inclusive Design? Why Does it Matter? Why is it Relevant?

Ever wondered why it took until 2015 for Emoji’s to include a wider range of skin-tones? Or why it took up until 2019 for Emoji’s to include options for a wheelchair, hearing aid and white cane users?
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