Why we started

Approximately 16.7% of computer science graduates from under-represented groups remain unemployed after university.

Majority lack experience, confidence or ability.

Limited understanding of the tech industry.

Unprepared for the difficulty of technical interviews.

Since 2016, we’ve been on a mission to increase the number of talented individuals from under-represented groups working in the tech industry.

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People supported across their journey in tech

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Recent graduates working for some of the UK’s largest tech companies

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People from under-represented groups

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Women in tech

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Universities across the country

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Our experience at university and speaking with others made us realise the importance of Xuntos

Bernard Kambasha - Co-founder

Meet the Team

These are the people behind the scenes, keeping the show running!



Recruitment Lead

Women in Tech Lead

Ola Otaiku

Ola is a software Engineer at Sky. He builds and maintains APIs for their flagship digital products including Sky Go, NOW TV and Peacock, used by millions of customers across the world.

Ola graduated with a Computer Science at the University of Hull in 2018, where he launched Xuntos and co-founded UK Black Tech. He has been recognised by Tech Nation as one of the 50 most inspiring, prominent, and influential black voices in the country.

Andre Hitchman

Andre is the co-founder of Xuntos and Software Engineer specialising in Android Mobile development at Kin + Carta, working as a consultant building technology products for some of the UK’s leading brands such as Tesco, Shell and Rail Delivery Group.

He graduated with a Computer Science degree from the University of Hull in 2016.

Bernard Kambasha

Bernard works for Vodafone and is currently on the Technology Graduate programme. He graduated with a Computer Science degree from the University of Hull in 2018. Over the last two years, he has undertaken different roles. Bernard has worked as a Technical Designer, creating Vodafone’s B2B security products.

He is currently an IoT Enterprise Architect, working on their largest B2B IoT Platform with over 1 million connected users.

Hauwau Sonia Bello

Sonia is a UI / UX Designer at Eastside Co, who finds herself where technology, business and psychology meet. She recently graduated with a Computer Science degree from the University of Hull in 2019.

Her day to day involves working with a variety of clients, creating products that solve their needs. From apps to websites, she works to understand what stakeholders want, and who their users are in order to create bespoke, impactful and stunning solutions. Sonia is the Women In STEM Community Lead for Xuntos.