Advice to make LinkedIn profile stand out

1. Professional profile photo and cover

At first upload a professional profile picture, your face must be visible clearly with a simple background. And let your visitor know about your work by your cover image. Style your official accounts the same for easy identification.

2. Use a professional headline

  • Mention what kind of job you want to get.

  • Tell your specialisation.

  • What makes you different from others?

For getting ideal work.

3. Informative about US section

Always keep in mind, do not overload this but must provide all the important information about you. Talk about experiences thoroughly. Mention your work places and years of experience. And let everyone know about your future job desires.

4. Impressive featured section content

  • Upload your impressive resume along with your portfolio website to show your skills.

  • And also add links of your collaboration if any.

5. Provide details about your experience

Write a detailed paragraph of your previous experience and achievements. Discuss your job responsibilities and make sure to use keywords relevant to the industry or targeting. Must attach the projects you have worked on.

6. Ask for good recommendations

Ask your contact to write a recommendation for you, especially the people you have worked with, because their recommendations are important for your profile building. Recruiters always check recommendations before hiring you.

7. Update education section

Must update this section because by filling out your education section, you are 7x more likely to get noticed.

8. Certification & courses

The LinkedIn education section has been divided into two further sections of Certification and Courses. Courses with certification added to your profile get up to 6x increase in profile views. So don’t forget to fill this.