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I’m Adewunmi Awolesi, a Junior Developer at the Department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). BEIS is a government department that was created in 2016 merging two different departments (Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and Department of Energy and Climate Change). I began my job at BEIS in 2019, after completing my degree in Financial Management at the University of Hull in 2018.

Why did I decide to change my career path?

During my job search, I learnt more about myself and what career path would best suit me. Although I did enjoy my course at university, I am someone who enjoys exploring new fields and found interest in tech as a positive career development for me.

I began to explore job opportunities in Fintech but was not successful.  I applied for the Civil Service Fast Stream and didn’t progress past the assessment centre. Instead, my application was selected to go through the Direct Appointment Scheme (DAS) and was sent to different departments across the Civil Service. The Deputy Director of Digital approached me to consider a role in tech.

My day to day in tech

I had started my role at BEIS with very little knowledge.  My team supported me immensely during my journey, which enabled me to develop my skills and settle with ease. I have been exploring front-end web development for the last seven months, where each day has been a challenge; it keeps me on my toes, which I enjoy. The Civil Service also allowed me to do an accelerated apprenticeship in Software Development alongside my role.

Front-end development involves building websites, where users can interact directly using JavaScript, HTML and CSS. I am currently working on a prototype to improve the existing process of funding SMEs. I use the feedback given by our client to simplify some forms, making it easier for users to navigate and complete, which improves overall accessibility. 

The Civil Service has plans to strengthen their workforce, with a new intake of fresh graduates looking to develop in challenging roles and bring innovative ideas to existing scenarios.

I would recommend The Civil Service to anyone that wants to pursue a career in tech because they provide regular training, accelerated courses and a great environment to start your career.

Ade Awolesi

Ade Awolesi

Ade is a Junior Developer at the Department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)

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