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My name is Chisom Nwankwo and I’m currently undertaking a Graduate Scheme Programme at Capita Consulting as a Software Developer, my transition into the Technology industry started as soon as I graduated from University with a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering.

Where it all began

My interest in technology, especially gaming technology started at a very young age. I grew up playing video games with my two brothers from the age of 7/8 years old and from there, my love for playing different video games was cultivated.

As I got older, I become more curious about game technology, I spent time watching a ton of gameplays on YouTube, watching live streams, even ended up building my own gaming PC which still runs today (I did build it 5 years ago). 

For some reason, I was heavily influenced by my parents to study Chemical Engineering and try and pursue a career in the oil and gas industry, and as I was going through each year of university, I realised how much I hated my course. I realised I wasn’t doing it because I want to, but because you can earn a lot in the industry.

BAME in Games

BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) in Games is a community devoted to encouraging and supporting more diverse talent to work in the Games Industry. They regularly meet up every last Tuesday of the month. The purpose of these monthly meetups is to provide opportunities and create space for BAME developers working or wanting to work in Games, Mobile, VR, AR, eSports, VFX, animation and related entertainment industries.

BAME in Games recently had an event at Square Enix. Square Enix is a Japanese Video Game Developer, Publisher, and Distributor with a prestigious portfolio of games, they’re most known for their Final Fantasy series, Dragon Quest, Kingdom Hearts, Tomb Raider and many more.

The event comprised of a main panel Q&A session, with each guest speaker being from a BAME background, they told their stories on how they got into the Gaming Industry, gave advice for up and coming Game Developers that want to enter the industry. 

This event opened up a discussion of inclusivity in an industry where you don’t find much diversity in, which opened up my mind to the possibility of an increase in black female Game Developers and Programmers. It gave me an opportunity to begin expanding my network, meet new people with similar interests and work my way up in the gaming industry.

Here’s a link where you can join the group and come to the free events!

As I’m writing this, I’m currently in my sixth week as a Software Developer under Capita’s Graduate scheme.  I’ve been able to create a bunch of different mini-projects on my own and with my colleagues. I’m currently working on a project in a Scrum Team for a company where we create a service desk database which allows customers to report technical faults and an engineer will accept the request to repair it. 

So far the transition into the technology industry for me has been seamless, coming from an engineering background I was able to go through the self-taught route, learning Python through Udemy and Codeacademy to now being trained as a Junior Java Developer. I’ll definitely continue to grow as a developer and I can’t for what the future holds!

Chisom Nwankwo

Chisom Nwankwo

I’m Chisom Nwankwo and I’m a Junior Java Developer at Capita Consulting.