Celebrating the Black-British Talent of #100DaysofDesign.

Even in the midst of a pandemic, we here at Xuntos have spotted a lot of talent and creativity on the timeline. UX Designer and CLAMP founder @Mabin2 created an inspiring challenge for creators – #100DaysofDesign! We were constantly blown away by the problems that the designs solved.

This hashtag reached a lot of new faces on the TL, connecting innovative designs and redesigns with supportive feedback from those in the same industry.

Here are our top picks:

Franck proposed an excellent solution to the needs of millions of apple users with his design. By making simple solutions to the core needs we find ourself in the depth of innovation.


Perola solved all of our online shopping nightmares with this design. Rather than battling the process of buying an item, trying it on, realising it doesn’t fit then returning an item that doesn’t fit, users can simply try on items using Augmented Reality. Amazing!


During the earlier lockdown days, we relied on No Signal Radio NS10v10 show to keep us entertained. Tese created an amazing app design to allow users to vote and listen 24/7!


Anifa Mvuemba the founder of Hanifa hosted the first ever digital fashion in may. While we were all captivated by the show, Mabintou created this elegant design showcasing Hanifa’s wonderful collection. To make it even better, Clamp and Hanifa worked together to make her current site!


Every makeup user knows the struggle when it comes to finding your shade online, but with Abi’s solution it becomes a breeze. I really hope that Fenty and other makeup companies implement this ASAP.


While I was in the midst of my 100Days of Design challenges, I couldn’t stop thinking about the need for an app to find fonts. The idea wouldn’t leave my mind so I decided to create a design for it, it would be so useful to scan any surface and find out what font is being used.


How cool would it be to pick a travel destination by using this design! No more spending hours comparing different locations or spending days researching. The addition of the micro-interaction makes the design even more interactive.


I love using products from The Ordinary but often find it very difficult to work out what is the best routine for my skin. Nicole’s prototype is so well thought out as it solves the main issue customers face and removes the hassle of defining the best skincare routine.


Martha’s use of AR to enhance the users shopping journey is wonderful. User’s can scan items and shop directly through the app, a great way for fashion companies to get ahead of the AR trend.


Sam created a helpful design to solve the needs of festival-goers. All the information for the Rolling Loud festival can be found in one place creating an immersive and streamlined experience.


Fusibi created such a cool shoppable image feature where user’s can click a different aspect of the face to find out product info. The game-like aspect of this feature would keep a lot of users tapping.


With companies such as Klarna and AfterPay targeting younger demographics, leading to a rise of irresponsible spending. Valerie solves the problem by creating a design that works with popular banks such as Monzo to inform users about such services and also gently encouraging them to be more cautious.


Netflix is amazing but it is also a maze, trying to find what to watch can take ages and usually ends up with me closing the app! The randomiser feature that Vimba designed is super helpful and eases the strain of finding what to watch, I wish we could use it in real life.


I admire the way AR is used in Desola’s design to allow users to test potential tattoo ideas. The try before you buy aspect is an exciting way to test different tattoo designs on all skin types.


Another feature that Netflix needs to implement is this design by Karen. Currently, it feels like lists are just an endless scroll with no way of sorting through it, but with this brilliant solution, users can create folders within them.

#100DaysOfDesign really serves to highlight the beauty of the UX community by bringing us all together and allowing for a positive showcase of talents.

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